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Cost of CNC Machining

One of the major objectives of professional machining is to produce precise parts made at least cost, leading to maximum customer satisfaction. The traditional approach to optimize the machining costs not always gives the right result in a high quality prepared. Such factors could increase the rate of production, the use of more aggressive cutting parameters, or increasing cutting speed itself. Such an archaic approach to the production of turned parts did not include significant financial factors such as the cost of scrapping, cost of downtime in production, operating costs machinery, or the cost of worn tools.

As a modern Machining Centre in Pomerania, we use a strategy which takes into account the whole cost of production and the amount of the costs, which provides a balance of productivity and attractive price offer for partners with whom we work. Developed over the years business experience allows in high regard to synchronize all the expenses at a level which enables us to propose very attractive offer of cooperation.
Very important in maintaining high productivity and high quality of all manufactured components in our machining center is stability of all processes.
In keeping with the definition: “to ensure the security and predictability of the process as much as possible, while maintaining the highest level of productivity and lowest cost of production” we are able to meet the highest standards imposed on our team. In addition to the above-mentioned aspects, lower cost of CNC machining, it is also connected with an appropriate choice of materials for cutting- material of tools, coatings and geometry that are the most suitable for the workpiece and the entire process of optimalization of the CAM software which is used during the cycle, fastening systems tools and options of their cooling.

In addition to the aspects of reducing the prices of the final products, an important factor that have an impact on the productivity of the factory unit is to adapt it to the requirements of the environment protection. A balanced approach to the cost of production used in our company significantly contributes to the fulfillment of standards related to the production of waste.

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