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Slot Milling

In the processes of slot milling and cutting processes that take place in professional machining centers or with the use of multifunctional digital machine tools, one of the most important element of the process is safe and profitable production of the item. To meet the quality demands of the machining processes, apart from the sawing machine, the cutting tool is as well important. Top-quality processing tools that are used in our company are helpful in achieving perfect accuracy. Modern cutter can be used in the processes of roughing as well as finishing, moreover, it perfectly copes in the process of milling with the use of cutting fluid.

What is more, this tool uses an internal coolant technology, which makes it ideal for treatment of materials from ISO S group – difficult to treat due to the high production of heat. In contrast, material from ISO M group leave on the cutting bits a specific built-up edge which leads to the lesser cutting accuracy. Very often the order requires processing of deep and narrow grooves. Until now, the technology used for their production had a serious defect – poor iron turnings’ removal. Application of new solutions allows milling of deep and narrow grooves and costs reduction.

The cutter would not meet such high demands, if it were not embedded in a special binding with advanced stability of cutting, which results in high-precision of milling without any vibrations, even when working on long booms.

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