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Face Milling CNC

Face milling CNC of stainless steel is a quite big challenge for many machining centers in our country. Especially if the work piece should have a high accuracy standard. Professional production should choose the best possible selection of cutting tools, in order to meet demands. Our knowledge and experience with modern cutting tools allow you to get the perfect effect, and to reduce the timing of the processing of a single element.

The biggest problem in face milling stainless steel is bad chip formation and problem with stability of an element. It is possible to eliminate them by the usage of special plates used during the milling process. This in turn can significantly improve the formation of chips in the machining of stainless steel, as well as to reduce the acoustic burden in our workplace. Applied modern technological solutions allow us to increase the amount of treated elements in our company up to 50%, with a cutting capacity higher than 20%. The resulting savings translate directly into a price of milling services.

The technology used in our company also includes a full face milling, turn milling, and peripheral milling.

We invite to cooperation manufacturers of machine parts, manufacturers of technical equipment, tools and household appliances industries, automotive, and others. Our experience with industrial customers will certainly result in long-term and beneficial cooperation.