Molds for amber pressing

Pressing and molding of the amber is actually known for a long time. Pressed amber appeared in West- Preussische Provinzial Museum in Gdansk for the first time as a gift handed by Becker form Palmnicken in 1891. Later Hirschberg (Schellmühl) and Ernst Perlbach in Gdansk dealt with pressing of amber. The most efficient company in the history of amber processing in the nineteenth century was Stantien & Becker which did not consider that amber pressing is something wrong- on the contrary, they showed pressed amber on many different fairs in Europe, and today probably it does not hurt the reputation of Polish amber.

Pressed amber

Pressing of amber process is to give it the desired shape by squeezing the press in a specially designed forms. This process uses the feature of the raw material – at higher temperatures it becomes plastic under pressure and can be permanently shaped. This treatment, called clarification of amber, often alters the degree of transparency of amber, as well as changing the shape, while improving the color of amber. In this way elements in the predetermined shape are made. Most often they are balls, olives, lozenges, or medallions. For such a method and for the preparation of the final product we use specially designed form- consisting of holes with shaped pistons. Depending on the size of the finished product there can be from 30 to 200 elements. To merge small fraction of amber into larger plates which can be transformed into beads, belts, rollers our company designed form of  “hoppers”.
It is also possible to merge small parts amber to one, more uniform forms, without adding any dyes or no additional adhesives. This process is called amber compression, and the resulting product is a pressed amber, or reconstructed one.

Our company is specialized in the production of many kinds of molds for amber pressing:

  • Amber pressing molds in the shape of balls – are manufactured in diameters from 12 to 40 mm;
  • Amber pressing molds in olive-shape – are manufactured in diameters from 12 to 40 mm;
  • amber pressing molds in the shape of pills – are manufactured in sizes ranging from 12 to 40 mm.

Our company also offers forms to fill with amber:

  • Amber beads forms with a diameter of 8 to 25mm,
  • Amber roll forms with a diameter of 8- 40 mm,
  • – amber board forms with max size up to 200 x 200mm.
Molds for amber pressing
Molds for amber pressing 04

On request of our clients, we also make molds for amber by your own design. We also deliver any other elements as a heater.
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