CNC Turning

One of the most popular types of metalworking is CNC turning. This technique is mainly used for objects having the shape of a revolving solid, but also of other shapes. Action depends on that while work piece rotates, the tool moves. Rolling machine is equipped with cutting tools which are fixed and driven. Depending on the technical advancement they may also work in a opposite way. Machining can affect any area of the object (internal or external), and its axis of rotation can be positioned vertically or horizontally. The process itself may, however, take place under various conditions, and therefore there are many variations. Thanks to computer control devices used to implement this service, it is possible to obtain precision and repeatability of the process complete.

CNC TurningThe use by of digital CNC machines results in a significant increase in the accuracy of dimensionality – profiling increases productivity by reducing processing times using the entire process on one CNC machine, as well as, the production’s flexibility and high repeatability of geometric objects produced.

The CNC Partner company offers a range of CNC execution of details in accordance with client needs- machining, lathe machining, turning internal and external surfaces, turning cylindrical surfaces, tapered and shaped, horizontal and vertical turning, turning longitudinal, transverse and profiled ones.

Among other things, our machine park includes:

  • Automatic lathesSTAR VNC 32 (interception and driven tools), STAR ECAS 20 (interception and driven tools, programming for three parallel channels);
  • CNC LathesHYUNDAI HIT 250 M (driven tools); HYUNDAI HIT 8; HYUNDAI HIT 8 S let us processing elements with a diameter of 350 mm and a length of 1 m.
CNC Turning CNC Turning CNC Turning

Thanks to many years of experience, a company machinery, and the highest quality leading manufacturers of cutting tools ensure the high quality of turned parts in both carbon steel, tool, alloy and stainless steel as 304, 316, etc., aluminum PA38, PA6, PA4, PA20, etc. , brass, bronze, copper, plastics and titanium and its alloys. We turned in the quantities by 1 pc needs (as prototypes), to several or tens of thousands.

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