Metalworking Services Offer

CNC Partner Company is an innovative service provider in the field of metalworking. Department excels in machining of demanding elements of steel and aluminum for various industries. The company meets the highest requirements because of the use of CNC technology and solutions in the area of automation. All this, make it possible to increase productivity and improvement of the technological parameters. Ongoing investments in machinery and high-precision allow us to perform complete and simultaneous machining of metals, including simple forms and extremely complicated elements. Highly efficient automatic lathes, milling and turning centers take care of the dynamic series production with minimal loading time at very reasonable prices. Our offer includes locksmith services, assembly and welding. We operate in all areas of metalworking offering technologically advanced products and services.

Metalworking Services

Our customers have chosen CNC PARTNER as a major supplier of metal elements for the following reasons:high quality components;

  • competitive pricing;
  • production of small and large elements;
  • short lead time;
  • the latest CNC technology, combined with highly qualified and experienced engineers;
  • to assist in the design and development to reduce costs;
  • prototyping service;flexibility;
  • a high level of customer service and communication;
  • transportation that gives flexibility and continuity of supply;
  • delivery options depending on your needs, including Kanban systems to reduce the cost of maintaining stocks

CNC offers you perfect solutions for all stages of production associated with the processing of metals. All commercial partners interested in cooperation are kindly invited to contact us.