Professional Metalworking CNC

For over 10 years CNC Partner relies on a numeric technology of the future. The use of modern machinery applies directly into the dynamics and precision of metalworking. Our company is constantly expanding its offer, in order to meet any task and gain more customers who appreciate precision, punctuality and reliability. The machines consist of a group of longitudinal automatic lathes with feeder, by which we have greatly increased our ability of machining. We are able to realize large series in a short time and in a good price. At the same time, we produce short series and single pieces, using the other turning-milling machines centers.
The area of our business includes complex components made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass and polymer products, including welding and montage. We optimally simplify and accelerate the production process from the design to the finished product. In all stages of product development the most important thing for us it its’ final quality.

Metalworking CNCMetalworking CNCMetalworking CNC

Manufacturers of engine parts, manufacturers of appliances, jewelry, automotive companies are invited to cooperation. Our experience in large-scale production will meet your highest requirements, both in terms of quality of components, as well as concerning the timing and delivery. For more information on metalworking, please contact us by phone or or by filling out the online contact form.