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Professional Metalworking CNC

For over 10 years CNC Partner relies on a numeric technology of the future. The use of modern machinery applies directly into the dynamics and precision of metalworking. Our compan... zobacz

Metalworking Services Offer

CNC Partner Company is an innovative service provider in the field of metalworking. Department excels in machining of demanding elements of steel and aluminum for various industrie... zobacz

CNC Turning

One of the most popular types of metalworking is CNC turning. This technique is mainly used for objects having the shape of a revolving solid, but also of other shapes. Action depe... zobacz

CNC Milling

CNC milling, and the entire process is the treatment with the use of rotating knives, in order to remove material from the workpiece. Milling can be done at particular angle or per... zobacz


Welding is an indispensable part of the metalworking and our company as a professional performer-producer of metal parts, offer it to our customers. Several years of experience of... zobacz

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