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CNC turning Poland

Nowadays, the production development for the production of turnery products extorts us to seek new technologies that enable our company to increase in production and at the same time to reduce costs without compromising product quality. One element of improving the turning cycle is the selection of appropriate cutting tools which are used during the production. The appropriate tool selection in the process of CNC turning allows you to increase the cutting parameters that directly affects the efficiency. Strategic parameters of CNC turning include:

  • reduction of permissible cutting forces, resulting from the stiffness and strength of components;
  • limitation of dimensional – shaped accuracy of machining surfaces;
  • limiting allowable drive power of CNC machine tools;
  • reduction of surface roughness and precision of machining;
  • reduction of the strength of cutting plates.

Mathematical descriptions of the effect of machining on the surface roughness have been developed. One solution that enables operation of cutting inserts with increased feed rates while maintaining a low machined surface roughness are the tuning plates with special wiper blades. The edges of the plates have roundness shape or are completely straight. The use of such tools in the process of CNC turning allows us to obtain a surface roughness comparable with the traditional plate. Geometry applied of Wiper plates greatly improves the efficiency of the CNC turning, in many cases, completely eliminating the time-consuming abrasive handling.

CNC turning Poland takes place in our Machining Center in Pruszcz Gdanski. For more information, please fill out the form beside, or call our Sales Department at +48 513 012 534. We invite to cooperation manufacturers of machine parts, manufacturers of technical equipment, tools and household appliances industries, automotive, and others. Our experience with industrial customers will certainly result in long-term and beneficial cooperation.