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Automatic lathes

For many years our company provides services with the usage of automatic lathes. Still upgrading equipment allow to fulfill more and more complicated orders. So far as the basic material was machining steel and various of its species, it has special significance in alloying. With the change of machining materials, demands for efficiency and accuracy also grows. In addition to the more general digital machine tools are increasing the importance of digital grinder. They are designed just for workpieces, in particular for finishing items made of quenched and tempered steel, with small grinding allowances.

Automatic lathesGenerally it is accepted that adequate knowledge of specific components of machined metal alloys will allow proper selection of cutting tools, and appropriate cutting conditions that will ensure a predictable degree of wear and good productivity. Unfortunately, the practice often does not go hand in hand with the theory and cutting tools and machining parameters selected for the given workpiece does not provide a theoretically computed results. The result of which is to produce the object does not meet the objectives set out in the order.
Because not all companies are prepared substantively to provide services on automatic lathes, in particular as regards non-conventional machining of metal alloys. It’s not just about meeting a high quality standards, but also about the unit cost of the finished product. Knowledge and experience of our employees help to minimize the unit cost of machining.  Final costs also depend directly on the material of the workpiece. The understanding of this relationships can prevent problems and achieve high productivity machining on automatic lathes, which results in a decrease in the unit price of the final product.

For more information, please contact our office or fill in the online form beside. We invite to cooperation manufacturers of machine parts, tools, motors, appliances, accessories, furniture, using the services of metalworking. We guarantee high quality of our services, comprehensive services, from order, through a project to the production and delivery of the finished product. Feel invited.

Manufacturing metal parts

Manufacturing metal parts in our company is mainly held in CNC machining centers. Besides the machines, another important aspect is the knowledge and experience of our employees. What is more, we pay attention to the selection of appropriate cutting tools, and the ability to apply software – all in order to meet the highest requirements of the customer.
Manufacturing metal partsModern technologies implemented by our company, for the purpose of further projects, perfectly fit into the latest standards for machining offered by most reputable manufacturers of metal parts. In order to raise the technological capabilities of our company, we strive to make every detail in such a way that it meets all quality standards.

Our company offers innovative improvement solutions like CAM 2D and CAM 3D, improvement of the management of the production itself and the integration of mechanisms that facilitate production, limit the time needed for the production and increase integration with CAD tools.
Compiled and currently implemented sustainable development of the company gives far reaching possibilities for optimizing the performance of existing machine tools. Not only production of metal parts, but also the entire process of delivery of produced parts, waste disposal in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection rules, fast service machines, including replacement tools are used to minimize the downtime. These and other aspects, which are always taken into consideration make it shortened to a minimum, and ordered the item is made correctly from the first piece.

Manufacturing metal partsExtremely important is the stability of the whole treatment, which can be regarded as a method of predicting the results of processing. Very often other production companies, while performing small and medium-sized parties, do not take into account the total time of production (total manufacturing time). Such a minimalist approach can discourage consumers while cooperation with the manufacturer. Being aware that the total production time is relatively small, we attach great importance to careful organization of the whole process of material flow.

The whole developed processes uniquely increases comfort of cooperation between us and our clients. Reliable information and the chance to react to any disturbances are very much appreciated.

For more information, please call us or fill in the online form beside. We will make every effort to respect the interests of both parties.

We invite you to cooperate with us.

CNC turning Poland

Nowadays, the production development for the production of turnery products extorts us to seek new technologies that enable our company to increase in production and at the same time to reduce costs without compromising product quality. One element of improving the turning cycle is the selection of appropriate cutting tools which are used during the production. The appropriate tool selection in the process of CNC turning allows you to increase the cutting parameters that directly affects the efficiency. Strategic parameters of CNC turning include:

CNC turning Poland

  • reduction of permissible cutting forces, resulting from the stiffness and strength of components;
  • limitation of dimensional – shaped accuracy of machining surfaces;
  • limiting allowable drive power of CNC machine tools;
  • reduction of surface roughness and precision of machining;
  • reduction of the strength of cutting plates.

Mathematical descriptions of the effect of machining on the surface roughness have been developed. One solution that enables operation of cutting inserts with increased feed rates while maintaining a low machined surface roughness are the tuning plates with special wiper blades. The edges of the plates have roundness shape or are completely straight. The use of such tools in the process of CNC turning allows us to obtain a surface roughness comparable with the traditional plate. Geometry applied of Wiper plates greatly improves the efficiency of the CNC turning, in many cases, completely eliminating the time-consuming abrasive handling.

CNC turning Poland takes place in our Machining Center in Pruszcz Gdanski. For more information, please fill out the form beside, or call our Sales Department at +48 513 012 534. We invite to cooperation manufacturers of machine parts, manufacturers of technical equipment, tools and household appliances industries, automotive, and others. Our experience with industrial customers will certainly result in long-term and beneficial cooperation.

Cost of CNC Machining

One of the major objectives of professional machining is to produce precise parts made at least cost, leading to maximum customer satisfaction. The traditional approach to optimize the machining costs not always gives the right result in a high quality prepared. Such factors could increase the rate of production, the use of more aggressive cutting parameters, or increasing cutting speed itself. Such an archaic approach to the production of turned parts did not include significant financial factors such as the cost of scrapping, cost of downtime in production, operating costs machinery, or the cost of worn tools.

Cost of CNC MachiningAs a modern Machining Centre in Pomerania, we use a strategy which takes into account the whole cost of production and the amount of the costs, which provides a balance of productivity and attractive price offer for partners with whom we work. Developed over the years business experience allows in high regard to synchronize all the expenses at a level which enables us to propose very attractive offer of cooperation.
Very important in maintaining high productivity and high quality of all manufactured components in our machining center is stability of all processes.
In keeping with the definition: “to ensure the security and predictability of the process as much as possible, while maintaining the highest level of productivity and lowest cost of production” we are able to meet the highest standards imposed on our team. In addition to the above-mentioned aspects, lower cost of CNC machining, it is also connected with an appropriate choice of materials for cutting- material of tools, coatings and geometry that are the most suitable for the workpiece and the entire process of optimalization of the CAM software which is used during the cycle, fastening systems tools and options of their cooling.

Cost of CNC MachiningIn addition to the aspects of reducing the prices of the final products, an important factor that have an impact on the productivity of the factory unit is to adapt it to the requirements of the environment protection. A balanced approach to the cost of production used in our company significantly contributes to the fulfillment of standards related to the production of waste.

For more information, please contact us by phone or fill out the online form beside. We kindly invite you to cooperate with us.

Slot Milling

In the processes of slot milling and cutting processes that take place in professional machining centers or with the use of multifunctional digital machine tools, one of the most important element of the process is safe and profitable production of the item. To meet the quality demands of the machining processes, apart from the sawing machine, the cutting tool is as well important. Top-quality processing tools that are used in our company are helpful in achieving perfect accuracy. Modern cutter can be used in the processes of roughing as well as finishing, moreover, it perfectly copes in the process of milling with the use of cutting fluid.

Slot MillingWhat is more, this tool uses an internal coolant technology, which makes it ideal for treatment of materials from ISO S group – difficult to treat due to the high production of heat. In contrast, material from ISO M group leave on the cutting bits a specific built-up edge which leads to the lesser cutting accuracy. Very often the order requires processing of deep and narrow grooves. Until now, the technology used for their production had a serious defect – poor iron turnings’ removal. Application of new solutions allows milling of deep and narrow grooves and costs reduction.

The cutter would not meet such high demands, if it were not embedded in a special binding with advanced stability of cutting, which results in high-precision of milling without any vibrations, even when working on long booms.

For more information, please fill in the online form beside or contact our Sales Department by phone. We will exercise the utmost care to every milling order. Thank you for your interest in cooperation with our company.

CNC Machining

CNC – Computerized Numerical Control – is basically a software control system. It is equipped with a graphical display, where NC programs, information about the tools, n corrections, machining parameters, and the correctness of the program are displayed. Computerized Numerical Control is called and used as digital information and traffic control signals of machines. This control is used to produce geometrically-defined objects. They can be described digitally on the basis of technical drawings or with the use of CAD model. Computers are used to support the software of CNC machines. As a result, when the parameters are set, then they can be repeated for each subsequent cycle of the machine. Numerical control of the machine is a software control. All information regarding the sequence of movements, whole processes, machining parameters, geometric information is encoded alphanumerically. This applies to materials processing with the use of computer-controlled devices (such as milling machines, lathes, and EDM) which are able to read standard control code, this is, G code. CNC machining allows fast, precise and repeatable performance of very complex shapes. Computerized numerical control provides a very flexible and powerful control of the machine.

CNC Machining CNC Machining CNC Machining

CNC machines work within the coordinate system in which everything is controlled. This allows you to determine the relative position of the tool and workpiece, which is required to perform the treatment and obtain the appropriate results. Numerical control must be associated with the coordinates (numerical value). The source of the name “numerical” is quite logical, as it is described in the form of numerical codes (e.g. ASCII, ISO, EIA). Directive program of CNC systems is an intended work plan for machine tools, aimed at obtaining desired shapes, sizes and surface roughness. It consists of the following:

  • geometric shapes and dimensions, including a description of the path of the tool,
  • technological, relating to the treatment conditions of tools, cutting speed and feed rate;
  • aids in the form of information for the programmer and operator.

The idea of ​​numerical control of machine tools developed between 1949-1950 in Massachusetts, in the Institutes of Technology on the purpose of US military aviation. This invention ameliorated not only the capacity of treatment, but also the requirements for net shape and surface quality (low surface roughness).

For more information, please contact us by phone or fill in the online form opposite.

Face Milling CNC

Face milling CNC of stainless steel is a quite big challenge for many machining centers in our country. Especially if the work piece should have a high accuracy standard. Professional production should choose the best possible selection of cutting tools, in order to meet demands. Our knowledge and experience with modern cutting tools allow you to get the perfect effect, and to reduce the timing of the processing of a single element.

Face milling CNCThe biggest problem in face milling stainless steel is bad chip formation and problem with stability of an element. It is possible to eliminate them by the usage of special plates used during the milling process. This in turn can significantly improve the formation of chips in the machining of stainless steel, as well as to reduce the acoustic burden in our workplace. Applied modern technological solutions allow us to increase the amount of treated elements in our company up to 50%, with a cutting capacity higher than 20%. The resulting savings translate directly into a price of milling services.

Face milling CNC

The technology used in our company also includes a full face milling, turn milling, and peripheral milling.

We invite to cooperation manufacturers of machine parts, manufacturers of technical equipment, tools and household appliances industries, automotive, and others. Our experience with industrial customers will certainly result in long-term and beneficial cooperation.

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